How can I add another domain name to my account?

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If you want to add another domain name to your web hosting account, you need to clarify few things before start.

1. Your domain name must be registered

Prior to any domain name will work, it must be enrolled. When you enlist a domain name, it is enlisted for one year, and you will need to renew it yearly with a specific end goal to keep it alive.

You can register a new domain name for your account . For help Register a domain name click the link.

2. Your domain name must be pointing to our web servers

If your domain name is not pointed to , tour server the easiest thing to do so is to point your domain’s nameservers to ours. Check Help article here.

Our nameservers are:

3. Your domain name must either be set as your main domain name, or an addon / parked domain

After your domain name has been registered, it must be pointing to our servers. In the event that you registered your domain name with us, then it is now pointing to us and you don’t have to do anything further in this topic.If you just have one domain name, then it is your primary domain name. When you utilize various domain names on one record, your optional domain names are arranged inside of your cPanel as either addon or parked domain names

Addon domains

An addon domain name permits you to host a site for a domain name that has nothing to do with your fundamental domain name. On the off chance that you expected to host more than one diverse site for you, the extra domain names would should be included as addon domain names.


A subdomain name is similar to a “Domain inside of a Domain”. For instance, a subdomain name of is

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